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Free Bleaching for Life!!!

We are committed to your dental health and the beauty of your smile! That is why we are making this very special offer to all of our new patients and existing patients.


All you need to do is become a new patient of our practice and have a new patient exam, xrays and cleaning (totaling $250.00 or more). All existing patients wishing to participate in the program may buy the bleaching trays at a discounted price of $150.00.

Once you have met these requirements, we will take impressions and make your custom bleaching trays. When you receive your trays you will also receive one syringe of bleaching gel to use at NO CHARGE.

At each 6 month recall appointment, you will receive another syringe of bleaching gel to use in your trays and keep your smile at its best.


You must remain an active patient, meaning at least one cleaning every six months. If you miss one of your cleaning appointments, this offer is null and void.

You may not participate if you have any active untreated periodontal disease or untreated tooth decay, as bleaching could be harmful if these conditions exist.

Remember, tooth bleaching does not whiten existing crowns, bridges or bonding.

The offer does not apply to Medicaid/Medicare.