NTI Appliances

An NTI mouthguard can help patients who experience jaw pain and tension migraines. These symptoms are made by clenching your jaw together and grinding your teeth. Over an extended period of time, teeth clenching can cause serious problems for your teeth. Excessive teeth clenching can lead to TMJ, chipped or broken teeth, or even tooth loss.
The NTI mouthguard is a simple device that can be placed over your teeth at night to aid with clinching. It can be made to target a specific area of your bite rather than the entire bite like a traditional mouthguard. An NTI mouthguard can be made the size of just a few problematic teeth to even out your bite and to regulate your jaw pain. 
NTI is fitted specifically to your bite using a custom-made mold. Your dentist will typically take a mold of your top teeth to create the NTI mouthguard. This will prevent you from being able to grind or clench your teeth while you sleep.
Patients have reported less jaw pain and migraines with the use of the NTI mouthguard. Consult with your dentist to find out if you could benefit from an NTI mouthguard.